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How to download the my eBooks for offline Reading on my PC/Mac? - Bilgi Bankası / Industrial Press - iPublishCentral Support Center

How to download the my eBooks for offline Reading on my PC/Mac?

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Please follow the below instructions to install the iPublishCentral Reader application to your PC/Mac and download the eBook to the iPublishCentral Reader.

Once you login using your account you will notice a button “Download iPublishCentral reader”.

Click on the download button to go to installation page. Click on Install button to set up iPublishCentral reader on your system.

When you use iPublishCentral reader for the first time, you need to login (right hand side).


Then enter the following information:

  • Log in as Normal user

  • Select Normal User.

  • Enter the URL "" in the Site URL, do not use http// or https//. This will allow you to login to the reader without any problem.

  • Enter your user name in the Username field

  • Enter your password in the Password field

  • Click the Sign In button

  • If the login credentials are incorrect, then an error message will be displayed "Failed to Authenticate. Invalid Site Information".

  • Bookshelf displays the subscribed eBooks with a Download button.

The iPublishCentral reader will verify your account details. If the account details are correct, the reader will continue to load. 

Once loaded, you can see all the books that you have subscribed online with a download link for offline reading.

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