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Split screen support iPad app New

To whom it may concern,<br /> <br /> I would like to suggest you to add split screen support for the iPad app. I use it to study medical books, but I frequently have to search the web for more details on certain words/pathology etc. It would be very useful to use the new split screen option in iOS to have both the reader app and Safari (for example) on the screen, side by side. Right now the app can't do that. It would save me a lot of time instead of having to go back and forth between Reader and Safari, and overall make the app more modern.<br /> <br /> I hope you will take this suggestion into account. I guess it isn't very complicated since you'd just have to use the portrait version as the side version of the app. <br /> <br /> Looking forward to your answer, yours faithfully,<br /> <br /> Guillaume Martin

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