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Institutional Account

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Common username Login: This allows the Institutional/Library patrons to login to the eBook-site even when they are not under an IP range by using this authentication system.

There are two types of users under an institutional account.

1.      Admin user : additional rights to control the users and access methods

2.      Regular user : access to ebooks and their own notes, bookmarks & highlight features.

Once the users are logged in under an institution, they will have the option to login again and access the eBooks.


 Admin User

Admin user has the additional rights to manage the regular user accounts for the institution.

  1. Edit Institution: Admin user can edit the details of the institution and save them.
  2. Manage Common Users and Add Common Users
  3. Manage Institutional User: Admin user can edit and manage the existing users under the institution.
  4. Add Institutional User: Admin user can add new users to the institution and manage the user details.
  5. Manage IP Range: Admin user can manage the institution's IP range details if the institution is under IP range.
  6. Add IP range: Admin user can add the IP range for the institution and manage it.
  7. Manage Referer: Admin User can manage the referrer URL for the institution.
  8. Reports: Admin user can view the reports of the successful section requests by month and title of the eBooks.




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