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Subject & Title specific Links

Authors list

Subject Specific Links:

Find listed below the list of subjects along with their specific links. On the other hand, you can also download the excel file directly from the attachments present on the bottom of the page:




        Subject Direct Link  
  Colors & Shapes  
  Cultural Appreciation  
  Daily Routine  
  Early Reading  
  Fairy Tales/Nursery Rhymes  
  Getting Along with Others  
  Health & Safety  
  Music, Art & Creativity  
  Neighborhood/People & Places  
  Special Days/Holidays  
  Thinking Skills  





Title Specific Links:


  Title Reader URL  
  1, 2, 3 by Elmo  
  1, 2, 3 Count with Me  
  A Sesame Street Christmas Story  
  Abby Cadabby's First Visit to the Farm  
  Abby in Wonderland  
  The ABCs of Sesame Street  
  Animal Alphabet  
  Animated Alphabet: A  
  Animated Alphabet: B  
  Animated Alphabet: C  
  Animated Alphabet: D  
  Animated Alphabet: E  
  Animated Alphabet: F  
  Animated Alphabet: G  
  Animated Alphabet: H  
  Animated Alphabet: I  
  Animated Alphabet: J  
  Animated Alphabet: K  
  Animated Alphabet: L  
  Animated Alphabet: M  
  Animated Alphabet: N  
  Animated Alphabet: O  
  Animated Alphabet: P  
  Animated Alphabet: Q  
  Animated Alphabet: R  
  Animated Alphabet: S  
  Animated Alphabet: T  
  Animated Alphabet: Twiddlebug ABCs  
  Animated Alphabet: U  
  Animated Alphabet: V  
  Animated Alphabet: W  
  Animated Alphabet: X  
  Animated Alphabet: Y  
  Animated Alphabet: Z  
  Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: The Penguin  
  Big Bird at Home  
  Big Block Party  
  Big Book of Nursery Rhymes  
  Brought to You By The Letter A  
  Brought to You By The Number 1  
  Celebra la escuela: El día número 100  
  Celebra la escuela: La excursión  
  Celebra la escuela: El último día  
  Celebrate School: 100th Day  
  Celebrate School: Field Trip  
  Celebrate School: First Day  
  Celebrate School: Last Day  
  Color Carnival  
  Cookie's Color Caper: A Book About Colors  
  Count to 10  
  Count's Hanukkah Countdown, The  
  Counting All Around  
  Counting with Elmo  
  Cuenta en todas partes  
  ¡La E de escuela!  
  Eat Your Colors!  
  Elmo 'n' Daddy  
  Elmo and Abby's Wacky Weather Day  
  Elmo Doodle Dandy  
  Elmo Goes to School!  
  Elmo & the Lost Wand  
  Elmo the Musical Volume One  
  Elmo's ABC Book  
  Elmo's Birthday  
  Elmo's Christmas Countdown  
  Elmo's Daddy  
  Elmo's Delicious Christmas  
  Elmo's Ducky Day  
  Elmo's Garden  
  Elmo's Monster Mash  
  Elmo's World: Animals  
  Elmo's World: The Body  
  Elmo's World: Bugs  
  Elmo's World: Doctors!  
  Elmo's World: Drawing and Coloring!  
  Elmo's World: Getting Dressed  
  Elmo's World: Love  
  Elmo's World: Moon!  
  Elmo's World: Puppies!  
  Elmo's World: Spaceship  
  Elmo's World: Stars!  
  Elmo's World: Sun  
  Elmo's World: Weather  
  Everybody Dance!  
  Fairly Furry Fairy Tales: Big Red Riding Hood  
  Fairly Furry Fairy Tales: Rhyming Rapunzel  
  Fairly Furry Fairy Tales: The Three Little Grouches  
  Field Trip  
  The Fix-It Shop  
  Food! by Cookie Monster  
  Friendly, Frosty Monsters  
  A Garden Grows on Sesame Street  
  Get Ready for School: 123s  
  Get Ready for School: ABCs  
  Get Ready for School: Colors  
  Get Your Grouchies Out: Feeling Happy  
  Get Your Grouchies Out: Happy, Sad, and Sometimes Mad  
  Get Your Grouchies Out: Wiggle When You're Worried  
  Giggly and Wiggly: A Book About Feelings  
  The Great Cookie Thief  
  Grover's Guide to Good Eating  
  Grover's Own Alphabet  
  Guess Who, Elmo!  
  Happy and Sad, Grouchy and Glad  
  Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas  
  Hide & Seek, Near & Far  
  Hooray for Our Heroes!  
  ¡Hurra por nuestros héroes!  
  I Am A Friend!  
  I Like School!  
  I Want to Be . . .  
  I Want to Be President  
  I'm A Helper  
  It's Check-up Time, Elmo!  
  It's So Magic!  
  Just the Way You Are  
  Learn About Counting with the Count  
  Learn About Letters with Cookie Monster  
  Learn About Measuring with Big Bird  
  Let's Compare Sizes  
  Let's Go with Elmo and Friends  
  The Library  
  Listos para la escuela : 123  
  Listos para la escuela: ABC  
  Listos para la escuela: Los colores  
  Lots of Opposites  
  Love, Elmo  
  Mommy Loves Elmo  
  Monsters in the Bathroom  
  Monsters Munch Lunch!  
  My Baby Brother Is a Little Monster  
  My Big Book of Firsts: Elmo's Neighborhood  
  My Big Book of Firsts: Fun Firsts  
  My Big Book of Firsts: It's Bedtime  
  My First Instrument  
  My First Manners: All About Feelings  
  My First Manners: Be a Friend  
  My First Manners: Be Polite  
  My First Manners: Good for You!  
  My First Manners: Let's Share  
  My First Manners: Please and Thank You  
  My First Manners: Taking Turns  
  My First Manners: Working Together  
  My First Pet  
  My First Sleepover  
  My Little Book of Firsts: The New Baby  
  My Little Book of Firsts: Using the Potty  
  Play, Laugh and Learn All Year Long  
  Please and Thank You: A Book About Manners  
  Potty Book  
  Prince Elmo and the Pea  
  Ready, Set, Brush!  
  Red or Blue, I Like You!  
  Rojo o azul, ¡mi amigo eres tú!  
  Rosita and Elmo Read a Recipe  
  Rosita's Easter  
  S Is for School!  
  Safari Friends  
  The Schoolhouse  
  Sesame Beginnings: Bath Time!  
  Sesame Beginnings: Cookie Kisses  
  Sesame Beginnings: Lovies  
  Sesame Beginnings: Potty Time!  
  Sesame Beginnings: So Big!  
  Sesame Beginnings: Tummies  
  Spooky Sleep-out!  
  Tickle Me, My Name is Elmo  
  Together At Heart  
  The Train Station  
  Trick or Treat with Elmo  
  A Visit to the Sesame Street Aquarium  
  What Did Elmo Say?  
  What Shape Is a Grape?  
  What's the Word on the Street?  
  When I Grow Up  
  Which Witch Is Which?  
  Zoe's Day with Daddy  
  Zoe's Goal  


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