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Questions about ebook subscription

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Hello: I had a couple of questions on the Writer's Digest ebook subscription thatweren't covered by the FAQ:1) Will I always need Web access to read the books? It doesn't sound likethey're downloadable, and, at one page at a time, it's probably difficult toprint chapters, so I was wondering how to make it work on a plane with noInternet connection.2) If I opt for the 19.99 subscription deal, can I cancel at any time orwill I have to go through the whole year?


Writer's Digest eBooks is an online library which allows you to access to your subscription as long as you are connected to internet and on a computer.Download or Offline access is only possible using Writer's Digest eBooks iPad app ,wherein once you have the book downloaded to the Bookshelf, you do not need Internet to access the eBook.

$19.99 is a monthly subscription charge and it is auto renewed every month $199.99 is a yearly subscription that is also auto renewed every year, you can always cancel the auto renewal any time you wish before it gets renewed again for the following month/year but we do not have a cancellation policy on mid way subscription cancellation or refund.

Please follow the below instructions to cancel the auto renewal option.

  • After successful login to the Writer's Digest eBooks, click on "MY FOLDER" button on eBook site.
  • Click on "Profile Settings" drop down link on My Folder page of the Writer's Digest eBook site.
  • Please select the "Manage Subscription" option from the list.
  • Click on "Submit" button to cancel the auto renewal option for the Writer's Digest eBooks.


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