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New to ACP Press eBooks

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 Online on a Computer(PC or a Macintosh)

 On an iOS Device(iPad only)

 On an Android Device(Not Available)

 Offline on a a Computer(PC or a Macintosh)


1.  Online on a Computer (PC or a Macintosh)

  • Login with your registered credentials(Username & Password)
  • You will be redirected to your bookshelf page
  • You will see your subscribed eBooks with Online Reading Options.

  • Click on the Online Reader to read it online.

2.  On an iOS device (iPad)

  • Steps for downloading eBooks to your iPad®

    1. Go to the App Store on your iPad.

    2. Download the free ACP Press eBooks app.

    3. Open the app and sign in using the username and password you created for ACP Press eBooks store.

    4. Select "eBooks" from the menu at the foot of the page. It displays the entire ACP Press eBooks catalog, searchable by category or title. 

    5. Next, find the eBook(s) you have already purchased and tap on "Download".

    6. Finally, from the menu at the foot of the page tap on “My Bookshelf" and you will see all your eBooks arranged on the Bookshelf ready for instant viewing. 

    Note: ACP Press eBooks can only be bought through the portal but can be downloaded to your iPad.


3. Offline on a Computer (PC or a Macintosh)

Once you login using your account you will notice a button “Download iPublishCentral reader”.


Click on the download button to go to installation page. Click on install button to set up iPublishCentral reader on your system.


When you use iPublishCentral reader for the first time, you need to login(top right hand side) with the following information:

  • Select Normal User
  • Enter Site URL -
  • Username - Enter your registered user name on ACP eBooks.
  • Password – Enter your password

The iPublishCentral reader will verify your account details. If the account details are correct, the reader will continue to load. Once loaded, you can see all the books that you have subscribed online with a download link for offline reading.


System Requirements

To access your subscribed eBooks Online, you must have a computer with the following minimum specifications: 

Online Reader

Computer or device with an Internet connection and current web browser:



Internet Explorer -> Version 8.0, 9.0 or above

Safari: Version 5.3 or above

Firefox -> Version 16

Firefox: Version 16 or above

Google Chrome-> Version 23

Opera: Version 12 or above 

Opera-> Version 12


For full functionality, Flash Version 9 & up.

iPublish Central Reader for COMPUTER [offline]

PC or Mac: Download iPublishCentral Reader from the My Bookshelf page with Internet connection and current access rights to title. 

Adobe Air version 2.7 and above


5.  Personalization

  • Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Highlights
  • Citations

Synching of Notes

When Notes are added through iPublishCentral Reader or Online Reader, the data is synched when the user logs in to any of the readers.

When the existing Notes are edited or modified in either of the readers(Online and Offline iPC readers),

Figure 15: Modified Content in iPublishCentral Reader

then a conflict arises as to which Note the changes are to be reflected in. 

Figure 16: Conflict of Notes

An alert sign is shown on the upper left corner of the reader.

  • Click on the alert sign

    A pop-up displays to resolve the conflicts manually.

    Figure 17: Conflict while Synching

  • Click on the OK button
  • Select the appropriate note

    Figure 18: Pop-up of data to Sync

    A pop-up appears which displays, the data being synched.

    The title and description of the data can be modified.

Click on the Save this Note button

A pop-up appears when the conflict is resolved and the Note is updated on the reader.

Figure 19: Pop-up showing the Conflict is resolved

Synching of Bookmarks

If a Bookmark is added to iPublishCentral Reader or Online Reader, it is synched only when the user logs in to the reader.

When the existing Bookmark for the same page is edited in iPublishCentral Reader and Online Reader, the default priority is given to the Online Reader. So the Bookmark in the Online Reader is retained.

Synching of Highlights

When the text is highlighted in iPublishCentral Reader and Online Reader, it is synched only when the user logs in to the reader.


Key Board Shortcuts

Table 1 lists the keyboard shortcuts which can be used while reading an eBook in iPublishCentral Reader.

StepsKeyboard Actions
To add a Bookmark B
To add a Note T
Fit-to-width toggle in an eBook w
Fit-to-page toggle in an eBook Q
Full screen / Normal screen toggle in an eBook F
Next page N & Right arrow key
Previous page P & Left Arrow Key
Scroll forward a screen at a time Space Bar
Scroll back or forward a screen at a time Up / Down arrow
Beginning of an eBook Home key
End of an eBook. End key
Page Down Scroll to next screen
Scroll to previous screen Page Up
Zoom Out Minus (-)
Zoom In Plus (+)

Table 1 Keyboard shortcuts

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