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Institutional Book Reports

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Book report 2


Book Report 2: Number of Successful Section Requests by


Month and Title (Full title and ISBN are listed.)


Book Report 2 provides the client with the details of the sections opened.

Sections: Each page downloaded while a user is accessing an eBook is called as a section, and the number 1468 sections refers to the total number of pages that was accessed by the users of a particular institution. These statistics provides the LIbraries and Publishers the demand for a particular Title.

Book report 5

Book Report 5, provides the client with the details of  searches run and the sessions opened.


Searches Run: This indicates the number of times a user searching for a particular title. This might be a single use who ran it 9 times or 9 different users who searched it individually.

Sessions : This refers to the number of times the book was opened. However, we give a time-out for all the sessions, i.e., if the user leaves the eBook idle for more 45minutes, the session is closed and when the user re-accesses it, a count is added in the session field.

For more details on the book reports, please drop a mail to


Display/Formatting Rules: 


These rules apply to both Excel and CSV formats of BR2. The notation used will refer to cells using standard Excel notation, with cell “B6” meaning thecell in the second column and the 6th row. In CSV, this would refer to the 2ndfiled position on the 6th row of the file.


1.Cell A1 contains the text ‘Book Report 2 (R1)’.


2. Cell B1 contains the text ‘Number of Successful Section Requests by Month and Title’.


3. Cell A2 contains the ‘criteria’ as defined in the Code of Practice (eg ‘NorthEast Research Library Consortium’ or ‘Yale University’)


4. Cell A3 contains the text ‘Date run:’


5. Cell A4 contains the date that the report was run in yyyymmdd format. For example, a report run on 12 February 2006 would show 20060212.


6. Cell A5 is left blank.


7. Cell B5 contains the text ‘Publisher’.


8. Cell C5 contains the text ‘Platform’.


9. Cell D5 contains the text ‘ISBN’.


10.Cell E5 contains the text ‘ISSN’.


11.Cell F5 contains the month and year of the first month of data in this report in Mmmyyyy


format. Thus for January 2006 this cell will contain ‘Jan2006’.


12.Cell G5, H5, etc. repeat F5 for each month of data contained in the report, with the same Mmmyyyy formatting.


13.Cell I5 (in this example), the column after the last month of data,contains the text ‘YTD Total’.


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