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Institutional Account Setup Guidelines.

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Sesame Street eBooks are available for institutions and libraries on a yearly subscription basis. For creating the institutional access for the particular institutions , the following information is required.

1. Institution' Name: Institution's name should be unique for each institution and sub accounts if required can have names ex: (Institution name -Location name format) and only one institution can use the same name.

2. Contact person: Name of the contact person

3. Contact person's email address: Email address of the contact person.

4. Address: Full mailing address of the institution with zip code.

5. Account Type: Information if the account is a trial account or a regular account.

6. Subscription Period: The subcription duration of the trial or regular account.

7. Mode of access: Sesame street institutional access is available through IP address, referrer URL and common user  

  • IP ranges: Public IP range of the institution required. This should not conflict with any other institution's IP range.
  • Referrer URL: Url of the individal library profile page after authentication. Link should be pasted to the ebooks site for access in the page.
  • Common User Credentials: Common user credentials allows the user to sign in to the institutional account outside the IP range. The common username should be an email address and shoud be unique. The password should contain minimum of 8 characters which can be alphanumeric. Special acharacter should be avoided.Note : The email address need not be a valid email address( just the format

Access provided with unlimited concurrency can be used on multiple systems without any access limitations.

Access provided for institutions can only be accessed online and on computers. Device access(iPad/Android or other e-reader),Sesame street eBooks iPad app is not supported.

Offline access is not provided. Downloading of the eBooks on to Institution's or Library's servers is not supported. eBooks are hosted and maintained on our servers only.

eBook usage reports shall be provided on request( monthly/quarterly/yearly).

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