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How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad to Factory Settings – Quick Tip - Knowledgebase / iPublishCentral Reader for iPad - iPublishCentral Support Center

How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad to Factory Settings – Quick Tip

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iOS does allow you to restore to factory settings and in fact, offers more reset features than a simple, blanket reset.

In this short beginner tutorial, let’s take a look at all the reset options you find in iOS 7 (and pretty much other versions too) and what each option does.

In order to reset your device’s settings (whether it’s a partial reset or a whole reset to factory defaults), you have to head over to General settings.

Go to Settings → General → Reset.

You’ll find these options:

  • Reset All Settings
  • Erase All Content & Settings
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • Reset Home Screen Layout
  • Reset Location & Privacy

Reset All Settings: This is the reset you are looking for when you want to reset to factory settings without losing data. This reset does not erase anything but it completely wipes out all changes in the settings, stored passwords for Wi-fi, manually-configured network configurations and such.

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