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How to download eBook on iPublishCentral Reader? - Knowledgebase / iPublishCentral Reader - iPublishCentral Support Center

How to download eBook on iPublishCentral Reader?

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  1. Open the iPublishCentral Reader application on your computer/laptop.
  2. After successful login to the iPublishCentral Reader app, Bookshelf page will appear.
  3. Bookshelf displays the subscribed eBooks.

Figure: User’s Bookshelf

This will be your home page in the reader. It displays a list of subscribed and purchased eBooks as well as information about an eBook beside the eBook title column. It displays information like total number of pages, expiry date, name of the publisher and download status of an eBook. In addition, you can use the scroll bar in the bookshelf to scroll through the eBooks.

Bookshelf can be viewed in thumbnail and list mode .

Figure: My Bookshelf

A. 1. Features of Bookshelf

A. 1. a. Search

  1. Click  on the Bookshelf. A drop-down list appears.
  2. Select Title and type the name of a title in the Search box. The search result is displayed.
  3. Select Publisher Name and type the name of a publisher in the Search field. The search result is displayed.

A. 1. b. Download

To Download an eBook from Bookshelf

  • Click the Download button in the Download Status column
  • The download starts and the link is replaced by the progress bar. The download percentage can be seen in the progress bar.

To Download Multiple eBooks from Bookshelf

  • Select one or more title checkboxes to download the eBooks
  • Click Download button at the bottom left corner of the page

The Download status for the selected titles, changes to Queue. The progress bar with the download percentage is displayed.

  • Click the Cancel link which appears beside the progress bar in the Download Status column to cancel the download

After canceling, the user can download the eBook at any time till the expiry date of an eBook is valid.

If the subscription duration of an eBook has expired, then Expired appears in the Download Status column. If an eBook is damaged, then Retry appears in the Download Status column.

For Content Protected eBooks:
If the eBooks expires, it will not be displayed in bookshelf. The same eBook can be downloaded again from the portal.
If the eBooks are deleted, then it shows removed status in the bookshelf. The eBook can be downloaded again only from the Portal.

A. 1. c. Read

To Read an eBook from Bookshelf

  • Click the Read link in the Download Status column 
  • The eBook is displayed.

A. 1. d. Delete

To Delete an eBook from Bookshelf

  • Click  against the title of an eBook

    The status changes to Download. If the user wants to read the book again, click Download button again.



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hi, I want to know if there's a way to sync the bookshelf I have on my laptop with the bookshelf I've just downloaded to my android tablet. I got the android app specifically so that I could look at my Thieme eBooks on my tablet, but I'm confused on how to do that. i'd really appreciate your help, thanks.

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