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How do I read AHA eBooks on my PC/Mac? - Knowledgebase / American Heart Association - iPublishCentral Support Center

How do I read AHA eBooks on my PC/Mac?

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Please follow the steps below to download your purchased eBooks to your computer:
The eBook can be downloaded as long as the computer is online at the time.
1. From My Bookshelf, click on the link to download the iPublishCentral Reader (see instructions below).
2. Follow the prompts to download and install the iPublishCentral Reader and the Adobe AIR program.
3. You can then login to your AHA eBooks account -- use for the account URL and your access information for the AHA eBooks website. You will then have all of your titles available to you for offline viewing.

Downloading iPublishCentral Reader

Please follow the below instructions to install the iPublishCentral Reader application to your PC/Mac to access your eBook purchase(s).

1. Login to your AHA eBooks account you created on the AHA eBooks website.

2. In the header, click on the button “Download App.” You will be redirected to a page with steps to download the iPublishCentral Reader application to your computer.



3. Click on the iPublishCentral Reader graphic below ‘Download’ and select ‘Install Now’.



4. Follow the prompts to install the software. Once it has successfully downloaded, click on the iPublishCentral Reader application icon to open the iPublishCentral Reader on your computer.



5. The sign-in screen will appear upon opening.
6. Enter the following login information:
    a. Log in as retail user
    b. Use your AHA eBooks registered login credentials to login to iPublishCentral Reader
    c. Enter your user name in the Username field
    d. Enter your password in the Password field
    e. Click the Sign In button


Note: If the login credentials are incorrect, then an error message will be displayed "Failed to Authenticate. Invalid Site Information".

7. After signing in successfully, all the books that you have purchased online will sync to the Book Shelf in iPublishCentral Reader.
8. Select the Download button next to the eBook you would like to read.
9. The Download button will say Read after it has completed downloading. Click the Read button to open your eBook.
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