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there's no file to download under iOffline 3.3.0 category, is it normal ?? i'll need it for reading the e-books from my university offline...

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Hello Rey,

iOflline 3.3 is an older version and is no longer supported. If you can let us know which site you have purchased / subscribed the ebooks, we can advise you on the latest version of the iPublishCentral reader application available.

the site I use is the one from my university (Bern, Switzerland), here the link :

I hope you can help me (I can read them online but it would be much more practical to read them offline too)

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, the site URL that you have provided "" does not indicate which publisher's eBooks you are subscribed to. You have mentioned that you can read them online, which essentially means there is a site URL that shows up when you open the eBook online on your browser. Could you share that information with us.

here is an example of an URL from a eBook online :
i hope it is enough for you and i really thank you helping me !
Customer Support

Hello Rey,

Please use the below link to download the offline reader.

please copy/paste the URL above to get the installation file directly.

Instructions to download the eBook from Elsevier eLibrary can be found here.

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