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Authors list

To read eBook

  • Click Read link beside the eBook title on My Bookshelf. The title appears in a reader

Figure 1: iPublishCentral Reader

Descriptions for the above labels are:-


1. Search                                   10. Previous Page
2. Page View                                   11. First Page
3. Font size                                   12. Title
4. Full Screen                                   13. Expand/Collapse
5. Slide bar                                   14. Book Contents
6. Total number of Pages                                   15. Notes
7. Current Page Number                                   16. Highlights
8. Last Page                                   17. Bookmarks
9. Next Page                                   18. Bookshelf



To exit from eBook

  • Click  on the upper left corner of the page


1. Features of iPublishCentral Reader


The various features available in iPublishCentral Reader are:


1. a. Search


You can search for a word/text in the reader. The search results are highlighted within the reader.


  1. Type the text in the Search field on the upper left corner of the reader
  2. Press Enter or click the Search icon

    A list of searched results is displayed on the left side of the reader. The searched terms are highlighted for the entire title in the reader.



Figure 2: Search


1. b. Page View

  • Click  on the toolbar to view the single page layout in the reader

    Figure 3: Single Page View

  • Click  on the toolbar to view the double page layout in the reader

    Figure 4: Double Page View

1. c. Font Size

You can increase/decrease the zoom percentage, to get a clear view of the text in the reader.

  • Click  to decrease magnification
  • Click  to increase magnification

By default the pages are displayed as a single page view and fit to width in the reader.

  • Click  to view the different zoom percentage options and to have a better view in the reader
  • Click  on the toolbar, to adjust the width of a page in the reader

    Figure 5: Fit to width

The content can be zoomed to a maximum of 300% and minimum of 50%.

  • Click  on the toolbar, to adjust the height of the page in the reader

    Figure 6: Fit to height

1. d. Full Screen

  • Click  on the toolbar to expand the size of the screen in the reader
  • Press Esc key to exit from full screen mode

    Figure 7: Full Screen

In full screen mode, only Highlights and Bookmarks are visible. You cannot read notes.

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