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Instructions to install the iPublishCentral Reader application on your computer/laptop and download your purchased eBook. - Knowledgebase / CCH India - iPublishCentral Support Center

Instructions to install the iPublishCentral Reader application on your computer/laptop and download your purchased eBook.

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CCH India eBooks can be downloaded to iPublishCentral Reader application and accessed offline(without any internet connections). However, it is required to have the internet connections to install the iPublishCentral Reader application and download the eBook. Once the eBook is downloaded to the iPublishCentral reader application, you will be able to access it without any internet connections.

NOTE: Currently, Google Chrome has issues detecting the Adobe Air files which is  installed on the computer. So, please use the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to Install the iPublishCentral application.

  • Once you login to the eBook site using your account you will notice a button “DownloadiPublishCentral Reader”

Figure: Download iPublishCentral Reader


  • Click on the download button to go to installation page. Click on install button to set up iPublishCentral reader on your system.
  • Copyright and version information screen is displayed.
  • The iPublishCentral Reader bookshelf is displayed. If the user is logging in for the first time, then a message "No books have been downloaded to the bookshelf" is displayed.


Figure: Bookshelf

  • Click the Login button on the upper right corner of the screen.

Figure: Login Screen for an Normal user


Log in as Normal user

  1. Select Normal User.
  2. Enter the URL in the Site URL field..
    1. Enter the username in the Username field
    2. Enter the password in the Password field
    3. Click the Sign In button
  3. After successful login to the iPublishCentral Reader app, Bookshelf page will appear.
  4. Bookshelf displays the subscribed eBooks.

Figure: User’s Bookshelf

This will be your home page in the reader. It displays a list of subscribed and purchased eBooks as well as information about an eBook beside the eBook title column. It displays information like total number of pages, expiry date, name of the publisher and download status of an eBook. In addition, you can use the scroll bar in the bookshelf to scroll through the eBooks.
Bookshelf can be viewed in thumbnail and list mode .

Figure: My Bookshelf

Happy Reading !!!!


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